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Posting on Snooker Island...Please Read

Postby snooky147

So, once again we have to make a general announcement to members because there are some on Snooker Island that think they can post what they want.
When you join, you agree to abide by any rules set out. Roland, the owner has, in consultation with the Moderators laid out a set of Guidelines that are in fact very flexible, at least in relation to where I have modded before but I respect those guidelines along with the other Moderators.
The problem is now that there are a few on here and you all know who you are that are disrupting topics (especially the more serious ones) with innuendo and otherwise disruptive posts leading to those who do take the topic seriously to consider not joining in.
This stops now. I love a bit of banter and some of the banter on here is genuinely hilarious but from now on keep it out of the more serious subject matter. Those in the Cue section for example do not need the innuendo.
When its noticed or pointed out in a report (and there have been MANY reports lately) it will be removed and if, after a chat the offending poster does not behave we will have to start banning periods. This is something we do NOT want to be doing so please respect Members topics.