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Will Jimmy win the world title in his 50s?

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Re: Will Jimmy White win a World title in his 50s?

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A few comments from Jimmy fans in 2013.

Could be Jimmy's year.

Jimmy has every readon to be optimistic. Short of lifting the trophy, he had one of the best records at Sheffield.
He is more than capable of winning 3 qualifiers and who knows what could happen if he gets to the venue. I've backed him every year since '82. That missed red with the rest in frame 30 v Higgins in '82 still gives me nightmares. He would come closer still in years to come but certain he would have beaten Reardon and would have won many more.
So, £20.00 @ 300/1..c'mon Jimmy !!

A White victory would have been the game's greatest fairy tale. Similar to Tom Watson almost winning at Turnberry in 09.
Sadly, in both cases, not to be.
But who knows ?.......

White has never been short of support. That said, it has never failed to amaze me that he has also had his fair share of those who thought, having been so perilously close to winning at Sheffield, he would never reach another final.
Yet, back he came. His reluctance to change his style has been both his undoing and the reason he has kept so many on the edge of their seats for so many years.
I may be in a majority of one, but I still believe that he could do it.
Go on Jimmy !!!!

3 qual matches + 5 matches at the venue.
Tall order but far from impossible.
What is for certain is that, if he gets to Sheffield, he is guaranteed the best ever reception. Better even than the reigning champion. If he is able to harness some momentum and good will, then the pressure is on his opponent all the way through the tournament.
Go on Jimmy !

There have been many mediocre performances on route to victories. When you consider those that have won the WC just once, it demonstrates that it is possible to pick up a victory without playing at your best or totally dominating the event.
Given a favourable draw, a few big name early exits and a run of good form, then it is possible that White could still do it.
Difficult, yes. Impossible, no