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Michael White time to kick on ?

Postby Ronnie79

I noticed White made his 100th career century break at 24 yesterday. He is the youngest player to make a maxi at 14 i believe (not in a pro event of course). Trump made 100 centuries by point is White should be doing a lot better career wise would you agree ?

Re: Michael White time to kick on ?

Postby Cloud Strife

Holden Chinaski wrote:
Dan-cat wrote:Ronnie made a maxi when he was 18 months old.

Almost, but he refused to pot the last black. He was throwing his toys out of the pram.

His dad eventually managed to coax him into potting the black. Rumour has it they had it all planned beforehand.

Re: Michael White time to kick on ?

Postby PoolBoy

He's doing alright, is he not, Michael White?
He's making steady progress and at 24-years-old has now broken into the Top 16. Already has a Ranking Event to his name.
Looking at his complete professional end-season-rankings: these have got better year-on-year.
73, 66, 54, 34, 26, 17 and currently 16.

Re: Michael White time to kick on ?

Postby Holden Chinaski

I think our levels of expectation might be too high because of the class of '92. Ronnie, Higgins and MJW were winning tournaments and playing fantastic at a very young age. Turns out out these guys were very special. Not too mention Hendry. There are no young guys around these days who are on the same level.. Even guys like Selby and Robbo are not winning enough in my opinion. They should be dominating.