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Is it me, or do the BBC overreact to lower ranked players?

Postby SnookerFan

Yesterday, Davis and Doherty acted like it would be surprise of the decade if Wenbo beat Higgins. I get Higgins is favourite for the match, and Liang has never beaten him. But the BBC made it sound like Liang was nothing. He is a top-16er, and did just make the UK final.

Saying that, he did lose. So am I overreacting to the BBC's overreaction?

I felt Hendry had the hump all through the finals weekend at the UK, because he saw lower ranked players. And one of my work colleagues who didn't know much about snooker watched some of The Crucible Final. He thought Bingham was an unknown player. He was a surprise winner, of course. But he's taken the BBC at their word, and thought it was Bingham's first match on TV, and that he was an unknown non-professional. When I told him how long Bingham had been playing,and that he's won two rankers before he asked why the BBC claimed otherwise.

Do Auntie Beeb just like making everything into David vs Goliath?

Re: Is it me, or do the BBC overreact to lower ranked player

Postby Smart

You have to remember that Hendo is an elitist. He doesn't like an open system, he likes protection for top 16 players. The rest of the BBC comms generally only believe snooker exists in BBC tournaments. They hardly recognise the Asian element of the season and so they are massively out of the picture in relation to who's who in the sport. Sad but true.

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Re: Is it me, or do the BBC overreact to lower ranked player

Postby whitespider

In short - yes they do!

Higgins v Liang is probably a bad example given Higgins record against Liang but in general the BBC never really show head 2 head records like Eurosport do. If a player has played someone six or seven times I would say in general that the lower ranked player has at least picked up one win. Sometimes it's more even than you would think.

David vs Goliath promotion is a good analogy.