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GBE2016, Unlimited Business Opportunities for Billiards

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GBE2016, Unlimited Business Opportunities for Billiards

2015 is the year when China’s billiards ushering in innovation, opportunities and breakthroughs. The success of China Yushan 2015 1st China Billiards World Championship, series of international large Chinese Billiards Contests, snooker tournaments and Nine-ball contests had showed the flourish vitality of China’s billiards market.

GBE, A Feast for 10 Years
With its first session in 2007, GBE has been held for nearly 10 years. According to the director, GBE2016 will add new elements, “2016 World Billiards Night & GBE 10th Anniversary Dinner” will be concurrently held with the show at that time.
It is learned that about 500 renowned billiards supplies producers, club leaders, representatives of industry associations and institutes will be invited to attend 2016 World Billiards Night & GBE 10th Anniversary Dinner to be held on the night of March 10th, 2016.

Collection of Global Famous Billiards Enterprises
GBE2016 will be held in Area A of China Import and Export Fair Complex during March 9-11, 2016. What is more, a lot of famous enterprises such as Shender, Rasson at home, Simonis S.A., Aramith, McDermott Cue, Longoni Cues, WSP Textiles Ltd(Strachan 6811), Ball Teck Korea, Cosmos Billiards, CYCLOP Pool Balls abroad will take part in the event.

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