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Who is this Eurosport commentator?

Postby 151kbar151

I think he isn't at Eurosport nowadays but he is in many snooker videos from around 2005. And I'm talking about the commentator who is speaking first right at the beginning.
or he can be heard here also:

Re: Who is this Eurosport commentator?

Postby Andre147

That's Mike Smith, he used to commentate for British ES for pretty much every event they covered from the late 90s to probably 2010 or 2011, so you can see he spent a lot of years on the commentary box.

Before our ES got national commentary I used to listen to him in a lot of Live matches. After that I did listen to it but oly on Youtube videos I watched.

Don't know why he isn't around anymore, apparently Philip Stud was his replacement.