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Re: Indian Open

Postby fridge46

Sadly, I think it has gone. World Snooker released an updated calendar a few days ago: ... -Here1.pdf

They do have 2 sets of dates for potential events (both with ranking status):

18-24 January (I think they are trying to get AT2 here)
14-20 March (Indian Open would fit nicely here, as it is followed by PTC finals potentially in Thailand again then China Open)

The issue is no qualifying dates have been reserved, though there is a 2 day gap (19-20 December) between the German Masters and World Seniors Qualifiers.

Re: Indian Open

Postby whitespider

It baffles me really how events are not "locked" in and venues secured for the following season by the end of the World Championship.

Okay there is always an event that might fold unexpectedly but how can they not have a venue for the PTC Finals yet?

For to be struggling finding places to host ranking events is to some extent worrying. Thought India would grow and grow.

Re: Indian Open

Postby TheSaviour

Ronnie79 wrote:The Indian open will be staged in July

Indian Open. But now when we are finally working with the UNCLE SAM, bring America on!!

Re: Indian Open

Postby PoolBoy

A ranking tournament in North America would be great for the game!
Canada used to produce good players back-in-the-day. The likes of Cliff Thorburn, Kirk Stevens, Bill Werbeniuk, Jim Wych, Bob Chaperon and Alain Robidoux.
These days, probably their leading player is 9-ball expert, Alex Pagulayan!
Why has snooker fallen away in Canada since the 1990s?