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Snooker Scene launch a podcast: YAY!

Postby Dan-cat

If, like me, you are starved of the dulcet tones, wonderful turn of phrase and the unquenchable thirst for snooker knowledge of Sir Clive of Evertonshire then he's back in our earholes with the Snooker Scene podcast alongside Dave Hendon.

Check it here: ... 5-10-39-20

You don't need to download to itunes or anything complicated, you just press play on the link. Sorted.

Dan 'I wish Clive was my uncle' Cat

Re: Snooker Scene launch a podcast: YAY!

Postby sundaygirl

No not just you Dan.
I love a podcast and I love snooker so this should be perfect for me!
Been to iTunes subscribed and downloaded the first proper episode. Only listened to the intro so far (next fortnight's one on the 70s sounds intriguing) will report back once I've had time to listen.