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Should Pukka Pies return?

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Re: Should Pukka Pies sponsor another snooker tournament?

Postby Paddpotter

Why not? I don't even meat but at the end of day we live in the world where everything is exploited to make money to the Nth Degree. This whole issue of what can be advertised is a fallacy at the end of the day.

Advertising/marketing for Tobacco/cigarettes for instance is so highly regulated in this country but I still know plenty of people in this country who make a living out of it. It's just their end work is achieved not in this country but in some third world dead hole where killing people with cigarettes is still acceptable.

People need to realise they will not make any difference to the ethical impression of this world by getting their knickers in a twist about advertising! The money men just move the goalposts and change direction behind the scenes

Re: Should Pukka Pies sponsor another snooker tournament?

Postby SnookerFan

armchair de critique wrote:Bring back saga or royal London watches......

I don't see what the problem with food sponsoring events is.

To be honest. People are more likely to go and buy a pie when they're having a break in the venue than they are to buy insurance or a luxury watch.

The name sounded naff when attached to a prestigious tournament. But they came in for a year when snooker was struggling for sponsorship, and had a presence at the venue.