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Re: Ronnie article in The New Yorker

Postby KennFong

What's significant here is the game is nearly unknown in the U.S.A. According to, there are fewer than 400 known public tables in the States.

So it's a major boon to have any attention from a major media outlet. Although it's a long-shot :-D I hope this will spur interest here in the game.

Re: Ronnie article in The New Yorker

Postby Andre147

Well I'll tell you what folks, this is one of the best articles I've ever read regarding Ronnie. It contains absolutely everything about the man, his Snooker and Personal life, and it's great reading it whilst you go through his route to eventually winning a 5th UK Title.

It is very well written, and you can see the writer knows his facts very well and didn't just throw in some random facts about Ronnie that happens many times in other articles.

Great article indeed. :hatoff:

Re: Ronnie article in The New Yorker

Postby The Cueist

Family comes first , Love them and at times loathe them .
Snooker is second .
He is right.

I still think he is mad with himself for his loss to selby in the worlds last season when he was flying towards the winning post.

I hope he can win another world title to his tally .
It is a big ask.
Not through any lack of talent mind you.
More his attitude and at times off the rails perceptions
Of situations.

Ronnie is so honest it hurts.
Great guy at heart , Just needs to realise hkw truly great he is as a formidable force in the game .

Just so modest in a genuine uncontrived way.

You cant help but like the guy for the way he is,

Re: Ronnie article in The New Yorker

Postby Muppet147

I don't think it is such a big ask.

Over the longer frame matches, Ronnie is more than a match for most of the field.

I can see him getting as far as the semis without a hitch. Then maybe one or two tough matches before he wins it.