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Mark Selby

Postby whitespider

Excellent performance from the Jester last night.

Was looking at his previous event wins and suprisingly he's won more combined Triple Crown events than he has won "other" major ranking events. Surprised he hasn't won more. Most professionals it's the other way round.

5 TC's - 1 World, 1 UK, 3 Masters
3 Other - 1 Shanghai, 1 Welsh, 1 German

In comparison
Ding - 3 TC's, 9 Others
Robbo - 3 TC's 8 Others
Murphy - 3 TC's, 3 Others

Ignoring the PTC's here.

Re: Mark Selby

Postby SnookerFan

You know what? I would've sworn Mark Selby had won the German Masters before last night. I thought I had memories of him beating Mark Williams in the final.

On double checking, it's reminded me that Williams beat Selby 9-7 in the 2011 final and the match I was thinking of was the 2011 Shanghai Masters final, in which Selby won 10-9.

Funny how your memory can play tricks on you.