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John Virgo living under a bridge!

Postby Andre147

“John’s appearance was never the smartest even during his playing days, where the waistcoat was always offset by the beard, but we had become increasingly concerned over the last couple of years as he deteriorated ever further. So we approached him a few months ago to ensure that everything was ok.” confirmed a spokesman for the BBC,

“It turns out that he has been living under a bridge pretty much constantly for the last year or so. He said that he has ‘always been in touch with his inner tramp’ and developed an obsession with the lifestyle of sitting under a bridge and swearing at passers by, while off his head on over strength lager.”

Image ... -a-bridge/

LOL... rofl rofl rofl I guess this explains a lot

Re: John Virgo living under a bridge!

Postby TheSaviour

Lol rofl rofl Seems like that the great days on a internet when we had the opportunity to follow the antics of the great man George Best are now back..

The great thing about internet is that you can learn what you can do and what you can´t do. There is a possibility to learn that on internet.