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Snooker Scoreboard

Postby gcjdavid

Which kind of scoreboard do you like the most?

BBC 1997 Scoreboard (

BBC 1998-2003 Scoreboard (don't know where I can find a sample of it)

BBC 2003-2010 Scoreboard (

BBC 2011-2014 Scoreboard (

Eurosport 2011-2014 Scoreboard (

Eurosport 2011 Scoreboard (

China Open 2012 Scoreboard (

World Open 2013 Scoreboard (

China Open 2013 Scoreboard (

China/World Open 2014 Scoreboard (

International Championship 2013 Scoreboard (

Qualifiers Scoreboard (

Re: Snooker Scoreboard

Postby Andre147

lol you really went through all this trouble just to know which scoreboards we like best <laugh>

Oh and a link for the BBC one you didn't know:

I will answer it in parts:

BBC: 2003-2010 scoreboard, as it was the first one when I started watching Snooker back in 2004.

ES: 2011-2014 scoreboard, names with the flags are a nice addition, just like BBC used to have way back in 1986.

From the China tournaments: Definately China Open 2013, those colours are nice.

The Qualifiers is not bad.

Most will say though... who cares... pmsl Back in the 70s, 80s and early 90s we didn't have fixed scoreboards, they only appeared in brief moments and it didn't make much difference, as long as the Snooker is good, any scoreboard will do just fine.

Re: Snooker Scoreboard

Postby gcjdavid

The qualifiers scoreboard is not bad, especially with the rounded edges

Re: Snooker Scoreboard

Postby Clara8633

I liked the old purple one, purple is my favourite colour.

Re: Snooker Scoreboard

Postby Andre147

The Cueist wrote:Yeh I bet mate

Who are you talking to mate? rofl Yesterday you were also answering your own posts... :chin: