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Player 'exchange program' idea

Postby roy142857

Comment from IBSF's Mohammad Kammah on his Facebook page

"I hope to see one day a players exchange program where a player host at his home another player from a different country for let us say a month, then return the visit. They can practice together and for sure will learn about each other country traditions and culture."

I could see a benefit also for younger players who are taking languages at school ....

Interesting idea?

Re: Player 'exchange program' idea

Postby Sickpotter

I think it's a great idea.

From an amateur development standpoint it would provide the opportunity to gauge their strength in the "big pond" as opposed to only competing against a few local talents.

Many have done well in their own inner circle but when put up against others of similar ability they falter.

You can refine your technique against weaker players but in general it's more beneficial to play stronger players and develop true confidence in your ability. It's easy to be confident when you know your opponent can't fire back.