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cue repairs covered by warranty???

Postby cazmac

Can some one clarify to me whether cue repairs / alterations are covered by warranty. I assume that if the business is legit customers would be covered under the consumer rights act. If a business is offering goods or services, and those services don't come up to scratch or the work is defective then surely they have to put right the defective work. I would assume that this is a legal requirement?

Re: cue repairs covered by warranty???

Postby cazmac

I pleased to say that the cue has been fixed and the situation has been resolve amicably. One slight problem though the badge has been slightly damaged so I will need to take it back to to the original to get a new badge put in. I don't blame the cue maker for this as it was the only way to effect the repair with out doing major work. I want to get the cue refinished as I'm putting it up for sale so will get it done at the same time.