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AGE is just a number

Postby NNear


Players will come into their primes at different times and it's dangerous to assume that once a player hits some magic barrier, let's say 30, that they should be automatically expected to start declining. Players like Bingham, Hawkins or even Neil Robertson and Ronnie O'Sullivan, are arguably coming into their best years in their 30's and not their 20's. For some others it will be the other way around. Perhaps as one heads into their 40's there is a serious general decline -- Steve Davis recently described it as maybe some sort of loss of body coordination. Physical and mental decline can and does happen, but it's not wholly logical to form opinions on an era based on the ''age'' of competitors. Better would be to judge their achievements and their quality of play. Not everybody is going to play their best snooker at the age of 25. Neil Robertson recently suggested that a snooker player could/would/should be in their best form from going into their 30's up to their later 30's.

Some recent somewhat humourous things that I've read that have inspired this thread:

-That Hendry declined because of his age.

-That Ronnie at 28 would.. I think the word used was 'destroy'.. Ronnie at 38. Apparently they see the two numbers and make wild assumptions based on them.
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Re: AGE is just a number

Postby Roland

It gets bigger as you get older

Re: AGE is just a number

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when you start a thread in this section i expect a argument for the title or against the title in the opening post not discuss either you come up with a better post or im moving this to the junkyard.

Re: AGE is just a number

Postby NNear

Yes you seem to be one filled with various very specific expectations. I'll make it clearer then.

Re: AGE is just a number

Postby Holden Chinaski

All I can say is if Ronnie would have worked with someone like dr. Steve Peters when he was young I'm sure he would have smashed all the records by now...

Also about the age thing, eye sight is very important for a snooker player, as is fitness. Also when a person gets older he tends to focus more on family life and priorities may change...

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Postby vodkadiet

O'Sullivan was quite fat when he was a youngster.

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Postby SnookerFan

Holden Chinaski wrote:Talking about age, here's a great picture of two snooker god's when they were still very young:


Time flies.

Hendry hasn't had a shave since that photo was taken.

Re: AGE is just a number

Postby NNear

Now you know I'm a fan of that image -- legends and my favourite players.