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Sports Psychologists.

Postby Cannonball

Following on from what Ronnie said about Steve Peters this week, I wondered, which players have sports psychologists in their corner (apart from Ronnie) and players do you think could do with one and why? I'd say Ding is a prime candidate; his confidence seems very fragile at times.

Re: Sports Psychologists.

Postby Andy Spark

I think Trump needs to spend his money on a good sports psychologist rather than holidays to Las Vegas and silly shoes.

His century rate is good but he misses too many easy pots and key pots. Classic mental signs rather than simple skill level signs if you ask me.

Re: Sports Psychologists.

Postby amaranth

Well guys, I went to train with Del Hill last month "Ronnie's coach for 8 years". Ronnie needed a sports psychologist because he had his torn apart life to deal with, Steve Peters helped him to leave all that outside the table, at the same time Ronnie's attitude is an additional problem.

Saying who needs who is not really the discussion here, I mean.. Graeme Dott spent two months in The Snooker Farm doing nothing but snooker and he won the world champion which was his first pro win! Stuart Bingham had a solid performance in 2012 because he was suggested to lay Golf for a year as it was his second sport and focused completely on snooker.

A sport psychologist will not improve your game if your are not playing good. Still I think Judd needs one because he is all over the place when being trailed by a big margin.

Hope I made a good contribution. Faisal.