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Postby Cannonball

As a big fan of Ronnie, I'm always up for talking about him, but it gets to a point in clubs, that it becomes annoying. All I've heard this week is 'Ronnie this, Ronnie that' and 'there'll never be another Ronnie' etc etc. The annoyance is that there is no interest from these wood pushers in other players making progress. These fans are of a certain age and mindset, and fail to comprehend the huge strides being made by players such as Ding, Fu and Robbo. Ronnie is very, very special but credit where credit is due, let's not be bigoted, and give some respect to the overseas players. There is a lovely front page article on the beeb about Ding and what he has sacrificed. He doesn't own a Ferrari or £1000 silly shoes, he's a down to earth nice guy who loves his fish and chips. Top man.

Re: Ding

Postby Skullman

Very good article. I know that Robbo's story about dropping off and coming back with £500 and making is bandied about reasonably often, but we often forget about Ding's sacrifices. He's not one of my favourite players, but I'd rather see him do well that serial moaner Allen or Judd, who seems to be mostly in it for the money these days.

Interesting to read that he sees himself as half and half these days. MIght be why he's more relaxed in China these days, although hopefully it doesn't mean he'll freeze up in the UK now.