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ITV's presense in snooker

Postby simplysnooker

I've noticed that a lot of people have been bigging up ITV's coverage this week, what is the next step for their involvement in snooker?

I saw the interview last night with Neil and Ronnie stating how they'd like more invitational events, could there be more of those seen on ITV, or could even ITV at some stage take the rights for the Masters?

Re: ITV's presense in snooker

Postby Wildey

Do we really need a lot of invitational events for top players?

i dont.

i want to see younger and different players getting to venues invitationals are license for top players to print money nothing wrong with that but don't want a 5 or 6 of those events

its time ITV Come in and resurrect the Grand Prix or British Open get a proper Ranking circuit up to rivel the BBC Because without British TV Backing Snooker tournaments wont be played in Britain.

Re: ITV's presense in snooker

Postby The Cueist

Wld had a good idea, The Grand Prix should be ressurected.

Ronnie and hiz pay packet mentality is beginning
To grind with me.

He is virtually the richest player in the game.

Dont get me wrong I can understand his
Outlook in that his predecessors enjoyed
Longevity and big earnings playing

The game has changed to the point where they have ruined the uk to include all players.

He has to accept that the crack has changed on his watch.

He needs to see it is for the greater good in the long run.

He goes awol to get up barrys nose, He is that goid
He can come back and win the worlds.

You cannot top the feats ronnie has treat us to
Over the years.

Ronnie is like a rare artefact that is priceless in value.
He is worth his weight in gold.
I reckon if he just stops resenting Hearn and knuckles down then he could win virtually everything
And clean up in the money stakes.

Itv do not need to be hearing ronnie bemoaning the lack of easy money invitationals.
It is not there agenda.
He has earned a lot from the game.
He makes it sound like he has been breaking rocks cor a living.

It is about time he repaid the game that has made him a very rich man.

Re: ITV's presense in snooker

Postby Wildey

The Cueist wrote:It is about time he repaid the game that has made him a very rich man.

yea he is in for himself nothing else

without being over dramatic but probably without Snooker he would have been a delinquent and in and out of prison.

Snooker has given him more than he has ever given snooker its time he realizes that and give something back without banging on about cash all the time. young players really don't need a millionaire talking about hes on the breadline.

Re: ITV's presense in snooker

Postby The Cueist

That is the sad truth Wild ,
He just needs to shut it and let
His snooker do the tslking.

The young will be blowing him away
In the next 5 years.

Maybe 3 years.
Depends how sharp he can stay.

He is not helping his own cause let alone snookers.