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The Improvers ...

Postby roy142857

Peter Lines' Shanghai performance got me to thinking about players who've improved their earnings substantially over last season, had a quick look on the Pro Snooker Blog money list, and found there's a dozen players who've already earned more this season than they did in the whole of last season. I've ordered them by the amount of increase in earnings ...

Scott Donaldson, 4064 in 2012/13, 16266 in 2013/14 :D
Peter Lines 7802, 18452
Mike Dunn 5500, 15071
Joel Walker 1969, 8458
Gerard Greene 11783, 20071
David Grace 4691, 9100
Michael Wasley 6764, 8735
Jamie O'Neill 200, 1927
Sean O'Sullivan 2282, 3927
Mohammad Khairy 0, 1500
Martin O'Donnell 3868, 4417
Daniel Wells 3486, 3527

(Some of these still have a lot of improvement needed if they're to stay on tour ...)

And 3 'honourable mentions' who are closing in on their totals for last year ...

Adam Duffy 6395, 6352
Robbie Williams 8460, 7649
Anthony Hamilton 23404, 20617

Re: The Improvers ...

Postby gallantrabbit

I must have missed something too, cos I thought Dunn had announced his retirement? Guess you get to a certain age that you just wouldn't know what else to do...

Re: The Improvers ...

Postby Roland

Haha careful he'll probably see that. He came very close to dropping off tour last season and said he wouldn't bother with Q School and would call it a day. Thankfully he finished in 63rd I think and now has vowed to play in everything to do all he can to keep his card. He was very unfortunate with his health at the start of last season which explains his poor season but thankfully he's found his game again so is going in the right direction.

The one which stands out for me is Jamie O'Neill - did he really only win £200 last season?