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Guidelines - Please read

Postby snooky147

Over the whole of last season Snooker Island raised it's profile significantly, partly due to Sonny's interviews and his presence at some of the venues. The twitter feed relaying the forum's content and the work Wildey does also helped in this regard too. As a consequence of this the forum got it's highest profile interviewee ever in Jason Ferguson.
We now wish to build on the goodwill gained by Sonny and those who contribute on the forum by taking Snooker Island in a new direction.
While its nice to have some banter last season took us to new heights of idiocy, insults and obcenities which have no place on any Snooker Forum. So this season, while allowing acceptable banter the moderators will remove all instances of mischief and work with the poster(s) to post in a more constructive manner. If we get the cooperation we need there will be no need for any action against a poster.
Please remember when you post that this board is accessible by kids too.
It will be a long hard season and there will be plenty to criticise and praise on the snooker front so constructive praise, criticism and debate is encouraged.The forum stats will show that there are plenty lurking so if we have sensible topics and debate others will join in if they dont feel intimidated.

So to be clear there will be no more calling players your favorite derogatory name.
There will be no insulting players wives or girlfriends.
There will be no insulting of members in the crowd who have paid good money to watch a match. And added to this there will definitely be no pictures posted which insult anyone on the forum.
The practice of copying a persons post and then posting an altered version is now banned.
The use of the acronyms that you are so fond of such as CDL OR whatever other derogatory term you all came up with last season was childish and malicious and will no longer be tolerated.
However, we do realise that some of you actually do enjoy insulting each other so we have persuaded Sonny to form a private section where you can do just that. You can be as mean to each other as you like with the usual provision that anything libelous or obscene will be removed.
Those who join this section do so on the understanding that what is said in there, stays in there, just like fight club. ANY grudges brought onto the main board will result in action by the moderators.