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Time for a 1 year ranking list?

Postby fridge46

Before Barry Hearn took over, we had between 6-8 tournaments a year. Thus with the 2-year ranking list, anywhere between 12 to 16 tournaments were used to determine the rankings.

This season alone, we have 25 ranking events. So with the 2 year ranking list now nearly composed of 50 events... isn't it time to switch to a 1 year ranking list?

This would make players compete at their best all year round, trying to improve/maintain their ranking instead of relying on results from almost 2 seasons ago. Additionally, the new members to the tour start on zero, a huge disadvantage for them to more up the ranking list quickly. The switch to a rolling ranking list as helped somewhat. But 50 events is too much, in my opinion.

What are your thoughts?

Re: Time for a 1 year ranking list?

Postby Wildey

Not yet but its getting that way i think we need to see how things goes with a Flat system+money Rankings first.