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2013/2014 Season Discussion.

Postby Wildey

Sonny will be sorting out the Forum soon with a Section for 2013/2014 season events BUT Draws for tournaments has already been Published and until the Forum is set up properly for Discussion on individual Tournaments you can discuss the Draws as they are published Here

Victoria Bulgarian Open European Tour Event 1 ... 325,00.pdf

WUXI CLASSIC Qualifying ... 328,00.pdf

Australia Goldfields Open Qualifying ... 330,00.pdf

As you see with Q School still going on there are Places available not only for Q School Winners but from the Q School Order of Merit.

Re: 2013/2014 Season Discussion.

Postby Wildey

Dannyboy wrote:64 players will be going to Wuxi?


Wuxi 64
Australia 32
Shanghai 32
International Champ 64
UK Championship 128
German Masters 64
Welsh Open 128
World Open 64
China Open 64
World Championship 32