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What are your expert Predictions for the rest of the season?

Postby SnookerFan

This message from World Snooker appeared on my Facebook and Twitter feed;

World Snooker ‏@WorldSnooker1
Predicitions for 2013? Will the trophies be shared around or will one player emerge from the pack? And who will win the World Championship?

I know it's next to impossible to make accurate predictions towards who will win The Crucible this many months in advance, but anybody want to stick their neck out and predict what's going to happen over the next few months. Most people on my Facebook are predicting Ronnie to win the World. :roll: Also a few shouts for Judd.

Seeing it more as just a guessing who is going to win The Crucible contest, and looking ahead to the other tournaments this year, I've said that it'll be interesting to see if Selby can carry on his momentum from winning the UK and see how he does in the other majors. I'd like to see him have a decent second-half of the season and win The Crucible and The Masters. It doesn't follow that a player who wins one tournament, will do well in the next of course.

Anybody care to predict who will do well at The Masters? Who may get a smaller ranking event? Or neck on the line time, and make a wild guess who will win at The Crucible?