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wants to go see a live tournament

Postby tyasha85

Hej guys,

I've been hooked on snooker for years now and it's a dream of mine to actually go see a tournament live :hyper: . I'm thinking the London masters, mainly because it is the most easily accessible for me (I'm not from the UK and would be travelling by plane). What I'm mostly curious about are the tickets. I've seen many web pages already selling tickets, but is this really the case? Is it a good idea to purchase the tickets beforehand (as in, now?) Are they quickly sold out or can I buy them once I get there? How do you usually go about doing this? :shrug: How do you choose which ones to get, seeming as though you don't know who will be playing yet. Any advice would be much appreciated. :bowdown:

Re: wants to go see a live tournament

Postby Roland

Best advice is to use the official ticket service linked on the World Snooker website. If the Masters was still in Wembley I'd say turn up and pay on the door because there are loads of seats in the Arena but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry with the Ally Pally and book your tickets before you book your plane. If you're going for 2 days for example I would recommend getting tickets for every session if you can afford it because then you can relax knowing it doesn't matter if you miss the odd frame and you can come and go as you please without feeling you've got to be there for every single frame. There's much to be said for wandering around the venue, you never know what might happen or who you might meet.

As for selecting your seats, I'm not sure how it works for the Masters but the UK and Worlds have a seating plan and you can choose your seats before booking. I personally prefer the aisle seats because it's easier to get in and out without disturbing anyone. I don't see any specific advantage in getting closer to the front, just so long as you can see the table. If you are at the front, side view is probably best and if you're behind the baulk end then higher up is better.

Re: wants to go see a live tournament

Postby SnookerFan

Depends when you want to go. Last year I waited until they announced who was playing who, and was still able to buy first round tickets. There will still be plenty of first round Masters tickets left.

I live close to London so communting isn't difficult. As you don't, if you want to have tickets in advance and don't care who you see, you may want to book now. Final tickets tend to sell out quickly.