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Just how far can Selby go

Postby Eirebilly

Hi all;

It would be nice to hear from all of you as to just how far Mark Selby will go in his career.

Personally i feel that he has the game and the tempermant to be a multi World Champion, he is a matchplayer in the truest sence of the word. He also has the ability to get into the heads of the best players, as Ronnie well and truely knows.

he is a player that no-one looks forward to seeing in their half of the draw. At the moment the only player that i can see that will give him serious problems is Robbo.

Re: Just how far can Selby go

Postby Eirebilly

Sonny wrote:Definitely a multiple WC and major winner.

Multiple major winner is a given sonny. I really feel that in the next 10 years that Selby will have 2 or 3 World Titels to his name because he has the complete game. He is cacluating, exciting and very attacking. His ability to get into his opponants head and also back it up with natural skill is something that i havent seen for a while.