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Who will hit the first 147 in Poland ? Elsewhere ?

Postby roy142857

Bearing in mind an improving set of players and PTC events in Poland, an interesting poll on the Polish Snooker website asking who will hit the first official 147 in Poland (perhaps also driven by Marcin Nitschke hitting a 147 in a practice match with Michal Ebert a couple of weeks ago).

They offer several Polish choices, plus options for 'Foreign Player' and 'Someone Else'. Interesting results on this from the 395 votes counted:

Krzysztof Wróbel 40.3%
Michał Zieliński 17.0%
Kacper Filipiak 9.6%
Someone Else 7.3%
Rafał Górecki 5.3%
Foreign Player 4.8%
Adam Stefanów 4.6%
Grzegorz Biernadski 4.3%
Marcin Nitschke 4.1%
Rafał Jewtuch 2.3%
Jarosław Kowalski 0.5%

Anyone think they've underestimated the chance of it being a foreign player?

Also, anyone know what countries there have been 'official' 147's in?

(and what does count as 'official' - presumably Pro Tour plus any competition run by national or transnational governing bodies?)