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Stuart Bingham....nicest man in snooker?

Postby freakmoomin

Stuart has obviously been around for a long time, but hes a player ive never really taken any notice of....

I watched the BBC run up to his first round match with Hendry and i thought he came across extremly well
in the interviews and the old video of him unwrapping a snooker book for xmas and saying how he will play
one day just sums him up for me. He seems to have so much passion for the game and just loves playing it
and for somebody who hasnt had much success its just really nice to see.

Then his reaction to Hendrys 147 was just one of the most sporting things ive seen in a long time, you cant
fake reactions like that and it was almost as good to watch as the 147 its self.

Just thinking back to the Mark Allen thing a while back aswell i remember him keeping his dignity and not
getting involved in a war of words which i think most of us would have! And lastly having a wee look at his
twitter account just backs the lot up....hes just an extremly nice guy and a credit to the circuit!

He has a new supporter in me and ill be supporting him with whoever he faces in the future...(except hendo) :)