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Great Rivalries this Decade.

Postby N_Castle07

This decade could see some great Rivalries we’ve had one already with O’Sullivan v Selby. Which rivalries do you think will develop this decade? Here are a few to start.

Maguire v Murphy

Both roughly the same age, Maguire is World No 2 but IMO Murphy is the better player and has a better career to date. We can all remember the chalk incident and there has been some heated words between the two in there interviews. Scotland v England. In a few years I expect these two players to be in the new top four and I think we are going to see some huge matches between them.

O’Sullivan v Selby

We’ve already seen one of there matches this decade and I think there will be a few more to come. These two are clearly becoming rivals BIG TIME. When Selby beat O’Sullivan in the Welsh Open O’Sullivan criticised Selby’s game and suggested that Selby is slow and un attacking. The Master’s final was controversial with Ronnie not giving much praise to Selby’s victory. Selby hasn’t said anything controversial regarding O’Sullivan because he has more class than O’Sullivan. However you just know that Selby loves to beat him to prove him wrong.

"A lot has been made of Ronnie's behaviour after the match. He did not stay in the arena to see me get my trophy.

I think he did it because it is such a big tournament and I imagine he was absolutely gutted to have lost a 9-6 lead in a final. I know I would have felt that way if it had happened to me.

However, I'd also like to think I would have shown a little bit more respect at the end. We are paid to play in these events, that's our job, and if Ronnie had won I would have stayed to applaud him.

Ronnie then said after the match that he doesn't think I can win the World Championship because I suffer from the same problems with consistency as him.

Well I'm not trying to sound funny, but I think I'll take what he said as compliment.

For me Ronnie is among the top two or three greatest players to have played the game, I have massive respect for him as a player, and if he is putting me in a similar position to him, then, as I said, I'll take it as a big compliment. "

Wenbo v Ding

You may think this is a strange one because they are friends and ex practice partners, but with the pressure mounting to become China’s No 1 and the first Asian World Champion we may see a rivalry.

Any other possible big rivalries this decade?
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Re: Great Rivalries this Decade.

Postby GJ

robbo v ding

robbo v selby


Re: Great Rivalries this Decade.

Postby Roland

Selby, Murphy, Robertson and Ding.

Any combination of those 4 and you're in for some great rivalries over the next few years.

Re: Great Rivalries this Decade.

Postby Bourne

GJtheaussiestud wrote:robbo v ding

robbo v selby



I have to give Ding the edge in the battle of the noughties !!!

Re: Great Rivalries this Decade.

Postby Eirebilly

In all honesty i cant see beyond Selby, Murphy, Robbo and Ding being the "big 4" for the decade. That is after 2012 though as i feel that is when Higgins and Ronnie will fall by the wayside somewhat.

Of those four, i feel that Robbo and Selby will be the dominant 2.