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Re: hearn and bbc

Postby Casey

I wonder when we will hear what is going to happen with the BBC events. They currently produce 4, will they keep that many on? The GP is in for some major changes imo

Re: hearn and bbc

Postby Eirebilly

"There are certain points Hearn will raise, including 8pm starts and thus late finishes to several finals, unwelcomed by schoolboys hustled off to bed or those who have to get up early for work next day, although he acknowledges that the BBC will have "the last word"

As i Live in Holland, an 8pm UK start is 9pm for us. I would like to see the start times brought forward a few hours, not only to keep the viewers in the UK but also to satisfy the large viewer fan base in mainland Europe.

Re: hearn and bbc

Postby Tubberlad

I think that the Grand Prix is the most obvious candidate to be revamped into something like the UK Open in Darts (FA Cup style, open draw, 64 players or so). I'm not sure if it would be entirely suited to the BBC schedules?