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Martin Gould how good is he ?

Postby GJ

The snooker he played against robbo in their match at the worlds in 2010 was so attacking and fearless , at the time as he was doing it against my favourite player I didnt really appreciate it but now looking back it was pure class from Martin.

Here are a few frames from that match

With foreign commentary

So my question is do you think martin can ever find that level again consistently in the big events or did he play that well due to being the underdog and once the pressure hit in the final session we saw the real martin gould and when the pressure is on he will struggle ?


Re: Martin Gould how good is he ?

Postby SnookerFan

You'll never know until it happens, but he certainly has the game.

He seems able to get a win or two in tournaments, but rarely troubles the latter stages. Maybe it is a mental think like Mark Allen's long-running semi-final curse. (Which obviously, has now ended. Proving he could make a final all along.) Having the game to win tournaments (which I believe he does) and having the mind-set to believe you can do it are two different things.

It could be an interesting couple of years for Gould, look how much he has improved in the past couple. We'll see how good he can become.