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Chris Turner - RIP

Postby Roland

The very sad news has been announced today that snooker statistician Chris Turner passed away at the weekend. As with most of you here I often referred to his website for snooker based stats and figures, which you always knew were reliable and up to date. Check out the career centuries list for example, as up to date as possible at the time of his death.

Thoughts are obviously with the family as the internet snooker community mourns the loss of a respected and valuable member.


Re: Chris Turner - RIP

Postby Tubberlad

Yes, sad news. I wouldn't be considered a stats lover to be honest, but Turner kept tabs on the more interesting and relevant stuff and I think we've all used it at some stage.

Rest in Peace.

Re: Chris Turner - RIP

Postby Wildey

very sad news indeed.

condolences to his family and friends RIP.

Re: Chris Turner - RIP

Postby Monique

Very sad news. Chris was always ready to help and answer specific questions personally. He will be sadly missed.
My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP Chris.

Re: Chris Turner - RIP

Postby vodkadiet

A dedicated snooker fan taken before his time.


Re: Chris Turner - RIP

Postby snooky147

A sad time for his family and friends. He was a dedicated Snooker stats man. He will be missed. Rest in Peace Chris.

Re: Chris Turner - RIP

Postby Casey

Monique wrote:
Casey wrote:RIP

What age was Chris?

67 ...

Not old at all.