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5th anniversary of Paul Hunter's death

Postby Tubberlad

Just been informed by Witz that today marks the 5th anniversary of Paul Hunter's passing. I'm not going to say anything that hasn't been already said, because we all know he was a very good snooker player and apparently a really nice guy, but it's very hard to believe it's been five years.

It seems like just yesterday, I'll never forget reading the headline the following morning on teletext, 'Hendry leads tributes to Hunter', that was when I found out for the first time.

Rest in Peace Paul, always very poignant when your anniversary comes around.

Re: 5th anniversary of Paul Hunter's death

Postby PLtheRef

Like you tubbs, I remember exactly where I was when I learned of Hunter's death, and yes, it certainly doesnt

I remember watching Sky Sports News after the MNF and all of a sudden it came on the bottom of the screen in the Breaking News ticker, Paul Hunter Dies at 27. - I remember it taking me a couple of minutes for it actually to register with me that it was the same Hunter that we all knew until his picture appeared on the screen with 1978-2006. I always remember Willie saying something at the Grand Prix which has resonated with most since, that when we all learned about his illness back in 2005, everyone thought positvely and surely, that he would win this battle.

More poignantly is that it would have been Paul's 33rd birthday this Friday too,

Frightening to think how fast time runs away and that moments that we think are just like yesterday are five years old.

Re: 5th anniversary of Paul Hunter's death

Postby weewelshwitch

Bourne wrote:Can't believe it's 5 years to be honest. I hope they do something to mark the anniversary in Gloucester today.

We did ask World Snooker if they were going to mark the occasion in any way and they said No.

But everyone here is fully aware of the day and I'm sure there will be a tribute during the presentations.

I think the most poignant tribute would be if Matthew won tonight, and you feel that he's playing today with Paul very much in his thoughts.

This whole event has been dedicated to Cancer Awareness and I'd like to thank all the players, officials, fans who've contributed so much to raising awareness. Next week we'll give you some details of our charity auction for some of the shirts that the players actually wore. They've taken the sweaty shirt off after their match and signed them and we'll auction them to raise more funds.

Re: 5th anniversary of Paul Hunter's death

Postby Bourne

Fantastic <ok> It is kind of poignant that on this day it is the pink PTC for cancer awareness, i'm sure Paul would be very proud of the work that you guys are putting in.

Re: 5th anniversary of Paul Hunter's death

Postby daraghj82

remember it too tubbs, a guy i used to play with a lot in dublin said that was a very nice guy and its a shame he's lost to the game. im sure he'd have won 1 or 2 WC by now had he lived