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Matthew Stevens...a make or break season?

Postby Tubberlad

Well the title says it all.

I think this season is Matthew Stevens' last chance to turn things around...if his last chance hasn't already gone. We all know terrible things have happened him, but considering how much ability he has, he'll have to go down as one of the great underachievers, maybe even the greatest.

Ever since the losing the World Championship final in 2005, the one that got away, he hasn't looked sharp at all and his run to the final in Bahrain last year only showed glimpses of his talent. Didn't qualify for the Worlds in ' it over for him? He's hardly ancient, but surely his best years are behind him? Thoughts? (For the record I've nothing against him, he seems a very nice guy)

Re: Matthew Stevens...a make or break season?

Postby SavoMilosevic

Yeah, this will be his last chance. He must get back into top 16 and I still believe he can do it. However, we all know that the WC is his biggest dream and I think 2007 was his last real chance to win it. He'll need a lot of luck to reach the semis again, let alone win the tittle... But he is a nice guy and a talented player and I like watching him so I wish him all the best! Go Matthew! :)

Sorry if my English is not perfect.

Re: Matthew Stevens...a make or break season?

Postby Roland

He's not a top 16 player any more in my opinion. He has a remarkable amount of fans though I must admit and personally I'm very surprised at just how popular he is given the way he plays.

Re: Matthew Stevens...a make or break season?

Postby Tubberlad

Matthew Stevens has a very healthy fanbase for quite a few reasons. First of all, he is arguably the nicest person on the tour, don't know anyone with a bad word to say about him. Second of all, go back a few years ago and he was a very, very good player. In fact, of the serious contenders, I would have rated him as the most naturally talented outside of Ronnie O'Sullivan. Third of all, Matthew always had a very entertaining game, wasn't slow, was attacking, and above all, was very good at it.

Jimmy White hasn't played consistently well for years, but still holds on to his impressive fanbase. Matthew of course wasn't as good as Jimmy, but he was a very good player, and loyal fans will always stick by their favourite through thick and thin. <ok>