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Max for Alex

Postby Sickpotter

A few days ago it was mentioned that Alex Pagulyan, a former world 9-ball champ, decided to try his hand in the Canadian snooker championship and wound up winning it.

I've always been of the opinion the guy could be a world class snooker player and nothing I've seen recently has changed my mind.

First off, the guy beat a very strong player in the final 6-0. Early rounds I could see some of those competing losing by this margin but not in the final. Of course I wasn't fortunate enough to be there to watch it but based on reports Alex had 3 tons and a couple of 90's notching that win which is strong enough to whitewash most players, even at the top level. :hatoff:

I wish the CBSA had done a better job posting match and ton scores online. They've only listed a couple of tons but apparently Alex had about 12 tons over the event, roughly 1 every 4 or 5 frames. That's just sick when one considers he didn't practice any snooker prior to the event :shock:

Second, last couple of days he's decided to play a bit more and chase big breaks. He's busy betting on running tons, I think ATM it's that he'll run 1 every 3 frames with reds randomly spread or something sick like that.

During a match a couple of days ago he missed out on a max at 113 by taking on a very tough cut on the black with the long rake rather than a simple pink for a 146. Yesterday he bettered it notching a final score of 151. His opponent scratched and Alex proceeded to clear up with a 147 :shock:

Scary talent, I hope he makes use of it :mosh2:

Re: Max for Alex

Postby Sickpotter

35ish....looks barely 20.

Definitely late to be getting into it but the talent is there.

Re: Max for Alex

Postby Roland

He's 33 tomorrow :santa:

Re: Max for Alex

Postby Roland

(born June 25, 1976)

Happy Birthday Lion


Now someone get him to join Snooker Island!

The Lion needs to come over here and show us how to play snooker. I want to see him play Selby. US Pool v UK Pool on a snooker table.


Re: Max for Alex

Postby Steve K

Sounds promising. Could use another Canadian back on the tour!

Re: Max for Alex

Postby Wildey

Steve K wrote:Sounds promising. Could use another Canadian back on the tour!

it would be brilliant and not having a canadian team in the World Cup and Afghanistan playing just shows how far down canadian snooker has fallen.

were talking of a nation here that has a World Snooker champion Cliff Thorburn and Ranking Events winner Bob Chaperone and Runner ups Kirk Stevens,Bill Werbeuniuke and Alain Robidoux and theres nothing there today on the biggest stage.

Re: Max for Alex

Postby mediter

Well that is just bloody brilliant what Sickpotter told what Alex did !! :bowdown: I love stuff like that, when someone you wouldn´t expect at all does something like that. Amazing and brings a brand new snooker excitement !!

Go on Alex Pagalyuan !!