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Formats that I think should be tried out

Postby Tubberlad

1. The World Matchplay (major ranking tournament)

Format: Matches to be won by at least 2 frames, unless the maximum number of frames have been played. Two tables until quarter-finals. Early matches to begin at 11.30am, evening matches at 6pm (earlier starts needed in case of extra frames). First round until quarter-finals are best of 9 frames, with a maximum of 15 frames to be played). Breaks after the 5th and 10th frames. Semi-finals are best of 11, with a maximum of 17 to be played. Breaks after the 5th and 11th frames. Morning match begins at 12pm, evening match at 5.30pm. Final best of 17 frames, maximum 23 frames to be played. Morning session of 9 frames to take place from 11.30am. Evening session from 5.30pm.

2. International Open (ranking tournament)
A sets format, each set being best of 3 frames. Can operate on a similar timescale to the World Matchplay. First round until semi-finals: best of 5 sets (minimum 6 frames played, maximum 15). Final: best of 7 sets (minimum 8 frames played, maximum 21).

3. Double elimination (possible ranking event?)
Random draw every day. Matches over best of 9 frames. Can't play the same player two days running. Two losses and you're out. Matches between final two players are best of 11 if one or both players have lost no lives, best of 17 if both are on their final chance. Biggest problem with this format is the organistational headaches it could cause.

4. Shot clock championship (non-ranking)
First thing's first, I despise shot clock. I think it's diet snooker, but it was a lack of understanding when it came to pleasing all sectors of the snooker fanbase that cost Rodney Walker his job. The world's top 32 players, each match best of 13 frames until the semi-finals. Best of 17 final.

5. Grand Prix turned into an FA Cup style tournament (major ranking tournament)
64 players, random draw from the word go, no partitions. Best of 11 until quarter-finals, best of 17 semi-finals, best of 19 final.

6. UK Championship improved
Best of 17 for the first two rounds, best of 19 quarter-finals, best of 25 semi-finals, Best of 31 final. Simple. Brilliant.

7. World Sixreds (non-ranking)
The ONLY sixreds event on tour. 128 players (64 pofessional, 16 young players, 16 legends, 32 amateurs). I hate sixreds, but no harm to have one on tour.

8. European Open (ranking)
Different venue in Mainland Europe each season, be it Germany, Belgium, Russia, Holland, Portugal, wherever.

9. Ranking events all over the planet
Your average 32 player, best of 9 until quarters, best of 11 semi-final and best of 17 final tournaments brought around the World. Canadian Masters, Samba Open (Brazil), mainland Europe tournaments, Irish Masters, Savannah Open (South Africa), Macau Championship, Hong Kong Championship, Pacific Open (Australia). So much potential that needs to be unlocked.

Over to you, Barry.

Re: Formats that I think should be tried out

Postby SnookerFan

Some good ideas there. The Double Elimination may be hard to administrate as you say, and along with Double Elimination it might be difficult for casual fans to follow, and may take some getting used to. But nothing I would be against wathing.

They have a shot clock there for those that have been crying blue murder that the season needs one, but agree that it is non-ranking.

Grand Prix being completely random is a good idea. One I'd certainly enjoy watching. Though having sixty four people prove difficult television-wise, but if they could pull that off, certainly another one that'd be worth watching.

Some interesting ideas there, and I would add maybe at least one pro-am, 15-reds, non-ranker to be televised. I think it'd be interesting to see professional players go up against lesser known players from time to time.

But definately some ideas I'd watch there, that are new and interesting without keep banging on about shot clocks or six-reds in ranking tournaments.

Re: Formats that I think should be tried out

Postby Tubberlad

Yeah, I agree. I don't like the sixreds or shot clock, I don't see any problems with the traditional game as it is. New formats in terms of tournament structure, yes. Changing the game itself, for ranking events at least, no.

Re: Formats that I think should be tried out

Postby Roland

I personally don't have a problem with the odd 6 reds tournament. That is way more snooker than some of the other suggestions people have been banding around. It's essentially the same game with the same rules. That's the point.