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Which nation is the strongest?

Postby randam05

Say you could pick five players from any era to represent a nations team, which would have the strongest team?

Contenders for me.

England = Ebdon, Ronnie, Davis, White, Parrot, Spencer, Joe davis, Murphy, Carter, Selby
Wales = Williams, Reardon, Stevens, Dominic Dale :john: , Griffiths, Day
Ireland = Doherty, A. Higgins,.......... ??? swail...? Allen, Taylor
Scotland = Hendry, Dott, Maguire, Higgins!
China and other asian areas = Ding, Fu, Wenbo, Wattana

Ive definitley missed some obvious ones, but I was just wondering who everyone would pick for the power five from each nation.

Personally I think England, with scotland close behind.

Re: Which nation is the strongest?

Postby Wildey

apart from Walter Donaldsen in the 50s Prior to 1990 Scotland Consisted of Stephen Hendry then the boom happened so a pool of players wasent available its unbelievable what scotland has done in snooker since.

England has more substitutes to call on so England is the strongest Nation.

Re: Which nation is the strongest?

Postby randam05

Higgins isnt english but yh, it has to be england. Imagine if all these players were playing on top form. My word england would be good!