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Forever Jimmy is he getting wise?

Postby gallantrabbit

I`m loving this new live sre from Global snooker where it posts each individual break and miss from each player in games.
I was checking out Jimmy`s encounter with Dominic Dale.
I`ve been an arch critic of Jimmy`s for years at how he is trying to live in the past and should be living the present. I`ve been writing about him playing hit and run/nip and tuck for 5 years now. Is he finally taking this on board?
Take a look at the breakdown of his game with Dale:
FRAME 1(JIMMY WHITE)SCORE9 - 65DALE: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 9
WHITE: 8 13 1 F4 3 15 F4 1 16 ...

FRAME 2(JIMMY WHITE)SCORE0 - 75DALE: ... ... ... ... ...
WHITE: 14 F4 F4 15 38

Having trouble getting the other over, but just these two frames show me something. He`s scoring little (Jimmy) but apparently playing safe when he`s got nothing on..Many a time JIm has tried to kill off frames when he could have tucked up, but here either Dale is missing a bunch of sitters or he`s sitting on the baulk cushion?
I think JIm should have long adopted the take what`s on and run option, but the top players are so renowned for killing off frames, maybe he thought he had to too (and he does to a certain extent).
I like this approach though and it`s the one to be adopted in the World qualies and China. Then we might see some real progress towards the top 32.
Jimmy you`ve been playing to three dogs and their fleas. You don`t need to entertain them. Wait till you`re 4-0 up and 70 up and then put on a show. You`ve given us more than enough shows, now the true JImmy fans want step by step results.
Yesterday looks like we might be getting some.
Be luck fellow. :afro:

Re: Forever Jimmy is he getting wise?

Postby GJ

i watch live scoring on world snooker site

that is just head wrecking mate to be honest

Re: Forever Jimmy is he getting wise?

Postby Roland

They had that stuff going on at the Masters across the bottom of the screen on the scoreboard and I still didn't understand it or the point of it by the time I left.

Re: Forever Jimmy is he getting wise?

Postby Bourne

I only noticed it the other day during China qualies and I thought it was fantastic, why can't WS do that in theirs ?

Re: Forever Jimmy is he getting wise?

Postby Wildey

Sonny wrote:Sportstat probably charge about a grand a day for it.

buck how can global afford that :?