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Tackle Ronnie's tasks (Riley's news)

Postby Monique

Rileys Press Release - Monday February 21, 2011

Rocket sets skill tests for Future Stars youngsters


‘Rocket’ Ronnie O’Sullivan has set three tricky skills tasks for the youngsters who reach the Final of Future Stars of Snooker.
Five hundred youngsters have already registered for the nationwide talent search, backed by three-time World Champion O’Sullivan and sponsored by snooker club operator Rileys.

The eight young hotshots will take on:

1) Six Red Challenge
Finalists must build as big a break as possible. Three reds are placed between blue and pink balls with three between pink and black. The finalist can choose the initial cue ball position.

2) Snookered
Finalists must hit a nominated red ball with the cue ball. The cue ball will be placed behind the brown ball at the top of the table.

3) Cush Pot
Finalists must pot four red balls along the back cushion, each time followed by the black. Finalists are then free to clear the table if all reds are potted – earning them bonus points.

O’Sullivan said:
“This is a very important part of the Future Stars process. I have drawn from my match experience to develop tasks that the finalists will find challenging.
“The hardest part is finding the balance between difficultly and the ability to achieve top marks. I don’t want to make it easy for them.
“Contestants can now see what they have to achieve to win this competition. Hopefully it will encourage them to practice even harder than they are now.”

Regional tournaments at Rileys clubs across the UK will produce 120 regional finalists, who will eventually be whittled down to just eight.

The eight finalists will attempt the of tasks at the final in May – during the World Championships in Sheffield.

The preliminary rounds, a best-of-five frame Super 6s knockout, takes place on Saturday March 19 at Rileys clubs across the UK.

Players aged 16 or under on April 30 can register FREE at before February 28.

To find your nearest Rileys club visit

and watch the video (posted by WSA on Facebook) Ronnie about the future stars
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Re: Tackle Ronnie's tasks (Riley's news)

Postby Wildey

yes i think this could be a role Ronnie can really get his teeth in to and enjoy it.

playing,competing doesn't float his boat at the moment but he loves the game and if he can get what he wants by doing this then good on him i say <ok>