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John Parrott Gives Up On Life

Postby wheelsofsteel

JOHN PARROTT is ready to fly the flag for crown green bowls.

The snooker legend is set to become Honorary Patron of the British Crown Green Bowling Association.

Parrott won the World Championship in 1991 and is now a pundit on the sport and also a member of the BBC’s horseracing coverage team but one of his first loves in his native Liverpool was bowls.

Parrott, 46, first started playing the game as a teenager with his father Alan at Wavertree Park in Liverpool, and reached the quarter-finals of the Junior Waterloo in Blackpool .

He said: “Bowls is a great game and needs more youngsters to start playing it.

“What’s the best? Hanging around street corners or playing a game of bowls. I know what I’d sooner do!”

Parrott, who lives at Formby and supports Everton, is an all-round sporting enthusiast and was one of the team captains on ‘A Question of Sport’ from 1996 to 2002.

But he has never forgotten his roots, and, even though he is a keen golfer these days, has not ruled out turning back to playing the sport which once so consumed him.

He added: “I’ve still got a couple of sets of bowls, and the ones I originally used my father started playing with until he passed away.

“Now my pal plays with them on the local conservative club down the road, so they are still getting good use. But I may be having them back off him at some stage!

“I am at a different stage in my life where I’ve become obsessed with golf. But I’ve got a bit of interest rekindled through this involvement with the British Crown Green Association, and I might have a go again in the future.

“I actually think that bowls is a fabulous game. It teaches competition and character, you’ve got the camaraderie of your team-mates, and there is so much more to it than people think.

“It has in the past had the image of being an old man’s game, but I’ve never really understood that, and believe that it’s a great game for kids to take up.

“All you need is a pair of bowls, and then you can spend hour upon hour trying to improve. And who knows how good you could become?

“The game has always been the same and anything I can do to help it along then I’d be delighted.”

Maybe he's carving a new career now Hendo is in the mix :hmm:

Re: John Parrott Gives Up On Life

Postby Smart

All you need is a pair of bowls, and then you can spend hour upon hour trying to improve. And who knows how good you could become?

how about a lawn too.........................or if you lived in a high rise flat can you still play LAWN GREEN BOWLS. :chin:

Can you practice easily in your living room or in the kitchen..................... :chin:

JP (CNUT) <ok>