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Star quality

Postby weewelshwitch

I started this thread on TSF today and had some interesting responses - I'd like to know what the Islanders think.

Has anyone, apart from me, noticed that the players who are now regularly practicing and competing on the Star Tables are getting ahead of their other opponents:

The winner of the first EASB Southern Pro Ticket event was Sam Baird. He practices regularly on the Stars.

Last weekend we had a pro am down at the Academy in Gloucester and after the round robin groups, all four players who came through to the semi finals practice on Star Tables.

i'd be interested to find out how many of the leading pros are still playing on their old Riley tables, or other tables in their clubs - Has this had any impact on the unexpected results in the Masters this week?

One Pro I know, who will remain nameless, still practices on a "match" table at his club and he's admitted that he needs to get on the Star tables because he's not giving himself a level playing field when he goes to qualifiers, venues and other events on the Star Tables.

I think this is going to be a major factor for the amateurs when they go off to play in the World snooker Q School in May.

If the pros are struggling to come to terms with the Star tables if they don't use them regularly, then the amateurs who only practice around their clubs are giving themselves a major disadvantage.

I'd be interested to hear what players think about this.

Re: Star quality

Postby Wildey

weewelshwitch wrote:so noone on Snooker Island has any opinions!! Amazing!!!!

i just think most been concentrating on the masters this week.

after almost 2 years playing on Star Tables and even longer in china tournaments i cant believe most players has not looked to get a star table or practice on one at Gloucester, Sheffield or other practice facility.

having said that suerly after a few frames played on a star table they can suss it out (cut of pockets etc) its the same cloth manufacturer for donkeys so that shouldn't be a issue..

i remember when they first came out someone mentioned cant remember who that playing off a cush on a Star Table was so much more comfortable for whatever reason than on a Riley i don't know how much truth in that Ask Jimmy White about that hes played on BCE,Riley and now Star.

Re: Star quality

Postby Roland

I think it was obvious from just watching the televised professional game that when the Star tables first started to be used they played differently to the Rileys. I've not been lucky enough to have played on a Star table but they do look beautiful to play on and they take no prisoners, especially shots along the rail and tight angles into the middle. Since the Star tables have become the main table there are no more funny bounces off the cushions - hasn't anyone else noticed and remember how bad it got at one stages with the white springing off the cushions faster than they went on?

I would say if you're a professional then it's in your own interests to find a practice table of the Star variety. I would also think Reanne Evans should be given more of a chance i.e. another wildcard next season because I've heard the standard of tables she was playing on before this season were vastly inferior and it would take a couple of seasons to start to get used to the professional match tables.

Re: Star quality

Postby Roland

Did moondan comment on your TSF article by any chance Janie? :redneck:

Re: Star quality

Postby wheelsofsteel

Tony Knowles has been on BCE, Riley and Star tables as well, not always playing snooker

Re: Star quality

Postby Wildey

Sonny wrote:Did moondan comment on your TSF article by any chance Janie? :redneck:

had a look <ok>

no he hasent

Last online 11.14am yesterday Janie Thread at 11.12am Watch this space :redneck: