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Knowlsey's psycho ex

Postby Roland ... woman.html

FORMER snooker pin-up boy Tony Knowles has been quizzed by police after allegedly attacking a woman.

Jaci Perks claims she has had a six-year affair with the ex-world No2 - but he claims she is stalking him.

Cops were called after they clashed in his Lake District bar in Bowness-on-Windermere.

Jaci, 47, said he bundled her outside after she saw him on CCTV chatting up a woman and ran downstairs to confront them.

But Tony, 55, said: "She's a lunatic. The day of the incident she was bombarding me with phone calls and texts.

"She came into the bar and was texting me from just a few feet away. Then she stormed over and started shouting. I used just enough force to get her to the door."

Police bailed him on suspicion of common assault.

Tony - who has a long-term partner - said their fling ended six years ago, but Jaci hit back: "We had sex last week."


Re: Knowlsey's psycho ex

Postby wheelsofsteel

Tony is such a great lover that six years ago just seems like last week.

Or did someone not hear the question properly? Six and sex does sound alike. I remember getting in to all kinds of trouble for ordering sex eggs in Waitrose

Re: Knowlsey's psycho ex

Postby jojo

funny story this one i wouldnt be surprised if tony still putting it about a bit even at his age but this day and age you dont know know who to believe

women some of them obviously not all of them when they try it on with men and the men decline they end up taking their frustration out in a different way ie cry harrassment lie or whatever gets them attention and in the process hide behind their tears

its easy for women to cry lie and cry wolf because physically they the weaker sex im not talking about all women but a minority not tarring them all with the same brush

Re: Knowlsey's psycho ex

Postby Roland

It sounds like she deserved to be forcefully removed from what TK said in that article.