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Funky Snooker

Postby simplysnooker

Hi everyone,

Anyone been on this game, was thinking of starting a league for everyone if your interested.

let me know

if you haven't heard of funkysnooker go to
basically a computer game, can play 10 reds, 15 reds, pwoer snooker etc

Re: Funky Snooker

Postby Roland

I was addicted to funkypool for ages. It was my intention to get links between the sites but it's one of those things on the back burner. Great game.

Re: Funky Snooker

Postby SnookerFan

Not my sort of thing, I'm afraid. Not much of a gamer.

Re: Funky Snooker

Postby SnookerFan

simplysnooker wrote:Well that failed :(

Aaah, we're sowwy. :-(