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Peoples thoughts on Fergal O'Brien...

Postby randam05

(fearless fergal. baby faced assasin)

I think hes underestimated myself.

He seems to atleast qualify for pretty much every tournament. He has won two proffessional titles, one ranking, one invitational. Made over 100 centuries, the only player to make a century in their first frame at the world championship, reached the final of 2007 NI trophy, beating the likes of harold, ronnie, higgins (which he won 5-4 making two centuries in the last 2 frams), hawkins and allen along the way,also made the final of the 2001 Masters, former world no.9.

I think thats pretty good, and he still often pulls out good results. Hes not excellent I know, but he plays very decent, solid snooker, similar to ebdon. I have watched him live twice and enjoyed his performances, and I look forward to seeing him on TV. Perrie mans won the masters without making a 50 break, I reckon this is the sort of thing fergal could do.

What does everyone else think of him?

Re: Peoples thoughts on Fergal O'Brien...

Postby JohnFromLondonTown

Sound fella. I watched him practice a few times & when he has qualifying coming up, plays a couple of frames against himself trying as hard in them frames as hard as you see him trying on the TV. Normal quite unassumming fella too.

Worth mentioning that he gives up a lot of his time for free getting the kids in clubs showing them how to play the game, what its all about & listening to any questions they have, 3 or 4 hours in a go. I like him. Don't know him,tho whenever I have met him, always the same sound fella.

Re: Peoples thoughts on Fergal O'Brien...

Postby Wildey

i don't think hes underestimated.

a very high class match player when he was at his best never the greatest of break-builders and gets bog down in to playing a grinding game but i think he is a better player when he gets on with it.