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Higgins donates £30,000 to local Charity

Postby Casey

SNOOKER star John Higgins handed over £30,000 to the Dalziel Centre day hospice in Motherwell this week.

The 35-year-old player and his wife Denise won the money in the all-star version of ITV1’s ‘Mr & Mrs’ quiz show earlier this year.

And the ‘Wishaw Wizard’ revealed that he was inspired to support the hospice due to their care for his sick father.

Higgins made the donation only a month after being cleared of match-fixing allegations.

The snooker star is a patron of the Dalziel Centre, a day hospice for patients, carers and families in Lanarkshire who are affected by cancer.

He said: “My dad, also John, has used the centre during his illness and really appreciated everything they did for him so I became involved through that.

“He’s not doing so well just now but he’s still battling and hopefully we’ll get him fighting fit again.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the staff or the volunteers who give up their own time to help people who are going through what is a terrible illness. They are worth their weight in gold.”

He added: “We had decided before the show that any money we received we’d donate to the centre.

“I’m just glad I could do something to help them and glad that by winning we were able to give over a good sum.”

Carol Murphy, nursing sister at the centre, said: “This was an absolutely brilliant gesture by John and Denise. It’s the biggest single donation ever made to the centre.

Re: Higgins donates £30,000 to local Charity

Postby SnookerFan

"Higgins made the donation only a month after being cleared of match-fixing allegations." I knew that'd get a mention.

The press will see it as him trying to get a good image back. And maybe it is somewhat. But I'm sure John feels as strongly as he says he does, due to what happened with his dad. And the hospice will be able to use the money for good, despite the intentions of the person giving the money.

Re: Higgins donates £30,000 to local Charity

Postby Noel

Good on John!
Personally identifying with his Dad's need and the cash-strapped healthcare system is real motivation for giving.
Canada is probably similar to Scotland and the UK in having been caught with it's pants down and no Attends to offer it's exploding aged population. Forget smoking, drinking, gluttony, and other addiction costs... people living years beyond the ability of families to cope with such special geriatric mobilty and mental needs as Alzheimers and dementia will cost LARGE. More than governments are ill-prepared to afford.

Good gift.
Thanks John!