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Hitting the blue on the break shot

Postby Sickpotter

I was watching the WO ROS/Hendry match and saw Hendry hit the blue on his break off to gift ROS the final frame. <doh>

To my recollection that's the first/only time I've ever seen Hendry do that in a professional event.

Does anyone know if there's a stat to be had for that? IMO that's something a professional should NEVER do and I was absolutely floored to see Hendry commit so basic an error. The man really is only a miniscule fraction of the player he was :sad:

Can anyone recall other times pros have committed such an amateur mistake? I'm kinda curious as to how often it happens given I've NEVER seen it happen before :huh:

Re: Hitting the blue on the break shot

Postby Bourne

Not sure but worse than that, Ebdon hit the jaws of the corner pocket directly off the reds and with the white jawing back out almost sent a red into the yellow pocket, never seen anything like it before <laugh>