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Putting a Red Safe

Postby kriss

You see it frequently- a red up in baulk preventing the arthodox safety and so the players exchange shots screwing off the pack and playing thin safeties to leave the white behind the black.

When a player has a substantial lead however why dont they sacrifce a shot to put a couple of reds safe. Why not plant a couple onto the cushion or attempt to plant the pink safe? The alternative is that its always the player who wins the exchange that normally wins the frame regardless of who has the lead.

You see it time and time again- an emphasis put on getting a good white but I think if you have a 40/50 point lead then putting reds safe is more important. Even smashing the reds would probably increase your chances of winning the frame!

Re: Putting a Red Safe

Postby Roland

This is where you need to be introduced to Mark Selby, kriss :redneck:

or Mark Williams for that matter. I've seen both instigate the situation where you stick a red in baulk and get the balls scrappy by way of the fight to get the white tight behind the black. Steve Davis tried it too with his two cushion break off. If your aim is to knock the opponent out of a rhythm which has seen them power to the last few frames, then send a red to baulk and leave the white behind the black.

The other part of what you're saying though is pretty obvious and does happen. If you've got a lead and you're in that situation, knock balls safe. Logic. Unless I've misunderstood your point :chin:

By the way, are you the one who likes Guns'n'Roses?

Re: Putting a Red Safe

Postby kriss

I was referring more to a player who runs out of position on a break of 40/50. Why play to put the white safe, or even often simply the yellow or green when you could try to cannon a couple of reds onto the cushion.

Yea I love Guns n Roses.. how did you know!

Re: Putting a Red Safe

Postby JohnFromLondonTown

Putting a colour safe gives you a higher percentage of winning the frame, getting back to the table & protecting your lead. Your oppo will try & use the safe reds as part of his own safety when at the table.

I understand your point, however in my opinion putting one of the baulk colours safe reduces your oppo's chance of good safety, winning the frame at one visit & has to play more aggressive.