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The 10's will mark a new dawn for snooker

Postby Tubberlad

Today is a fabulous day for snooker. Some don't realise it now, and others may even feel disappointed that Barry Hearn is almost certainly on his way. I'm not one of those people.

Snooker fans can be a hard bunch to please. We've spent the lions share of the last decade complaining about mis-management from those at the healm of our great sport, and rightly so. A decade that started out with the most impressive list of top players in history, has turned into one of turmoil. We're down to a measly six ranking tournaments, sponsorship has become non-existent (or laughable when it does turn up), prize money has dwindled and very few people bother going to watch the games. Only a completely incomptent board could let this happen. But times are changing.

Thankfully, today is almost certainly a turning point in the sport's history. Rodney Walker is gone at last, and a new dawn awaits.

Lets get one thing straight. Snooker can, and will, reach dizzying heights again. Their's nothing wrong with the game itself, it remains as fantastic a game as it ever was, and that's reflected in very healty television viewing figures. We're not the only sport that's been down on it's knees, and it's important to remeber that. At the start of this decade, Darts was in turmoil, but people can now look on it as the sporting resurrection of the decade. It's been buzzing over the last few years, with fantastic sponsorship, great attendances and fast improving prize money. And who's to thank for this? A certain Barry Hearn had more than a part to play.

I can understand if not everyone is delighted at the prospect of Barry Hearn, but I have no doubt how much he cares about snooker, no matter what's been said in the past. He is far more passionate about our game than darts, and it's as simple as this: he will NOT fail in bringing snooker back to life. Think what you want, but Hearn is a superb businessman. He will jazz up the game (hopefully not to the same extent as darts), get people excited about snooker again and continue with the recent IGM plan. Before long things will fall into place, sponsorship, prize money, better venues etc.

A new dawn awaits for snooker. After a pretty horrible decade as far as the game's reputation is concerned, snooker fans can take comfort in the fact that the Decies will mark snooker's re-birth. We've wanted Walker and co out for long enough, let's rejoice that we've been granted our wish.

Snooker isn't dead. The future looks very rosey indeed.

Re: The 10's will mark a new dawn for snooker

Postby Roland

It's certainly interesting times for snooker and the future looks much brighter than it did at the start of this season with the announcement that only 6 ranking events would take place. But let's not get carried away just yet. People should be cautiously optimistic at best.

The best news so far is that IMG have said they would happily work with Hearn. We must be wary of the pound signs lighting up in his eyes and keep an eye on Matchroom Sports position with regards to IMG. I hope they can work together and in future there isn't a split between the two promoters, but it wouldn't surprise me if that's what the next drama is about.

As for the 2010's - I think it is exciting times for snooker and I think the standard will start to rise once more back to the heady days of the big 4. It may take a few seasons but soon the rankings will be loaded with players from all corners of the globe and right now that is the best thing that could happen to snooker.

At least Barry Hearn has a track record of taking snooker to the Far East back in the day. He could even claim some credit for snookers current boom in China. Darts however is still a heavily British sport and much as I would like snooker to thrive in the UK, it's not going to happen to such an extent that it becomes what it once was with snooker clubs opening all over the land so the future of snooker must lie abroad for the main part. Of course the World Championships should always take place at the Crucible and the UK and Masters need to remain intact but everything else can go wherever there is demand for it.

Right now though I hope everything can settle down and everyone gets behind whoever ends up running the shop from here.