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The Qualifiers....

Postby Steve K

I do and im sure everyone else here is hoping that World Snooker have some sort of live streaming set up in place soon, its a real shame to only be able to hear about these quick fire qualifiers and not get to see them, also to be able to show off some of the new people to the masses would help build their profile and increase their chances of getting better sponsorship and invitational event oppourtunities.

Really enjoyed watching the highlights of the Shanghai Masters(?) qualifiers in Prestatyn on Eurosport last year, was nice to see JP back on the TV again and was brilliant to see a youngster (Michael White) play. If they can stuff two camera people and a fixed posistion camera into a small booth in a village in Wales then they can certainly do atleast the same if not better at Sheffield, which has better access and facilities than Prestatyn.

I know that it was doing the streaming last time, but by not having any streaming this season is just counter-productive to all the new regime is trying to do. I just hope that some sort of stream/highlights will be put into place by the time the UK championship qualifiers start (would be nice for the european and last 2 PTCs also). World Snooker could possibly make a good profit if they charge for the streams also, like a one off price for each tournament (most fans would be willing to pay around 5 quid for each event).

Re: The Qualifiers....

Postby Wildey

There was contractual Problams last season that pulled the plug on 110sport and qualifiers and i think that is still a on going thing.

the technology is out there it is very able to do it but i think Barry Hearn inherited a problem regarding streaming. that is the only thing that makes sense because more than anyone involved in sport Barry Hearn understands everything Steve K says there and when its clear there will be streaming im 110% positive about that.