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Tributes to Janie Watkins who is due to leave Global Snooker

Postby N_Castle07

Back in the day, to use that annoying phrase, snooker on the internet was represented by two websites: www snooker, run by Hermund Ardalen and still going, and Global Snooker Centre, which was the brainchild of Janie Watkins.

Both of these came long before, before TSN/110sport, before all the forums and before this blog.

Janie is leaving Global Snooker to work for Paul Mount and his stable of players based at the new South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester.

I would like to place on record my personal thanks for her many efforts in keeping the website updated on all manner of events over the years.

Where would we have been without it?

Her diligence and dedication has allowed many, many thousands of snooker fans around the world to keep up to date with the shifting sands of results, frame scores, breaks etc and she has put in more hours than is either natural or desirable to provide this service.

In my opinion, is the best snooker website out there. I’m sure its owners will ensure it continues in that vein.

Meanwhile, I wish Janie well in her new role.

Good luck Janie in your new role and thankyou for the true dedication and long hours you have dedicated to us fans. :) :) :)

Re: Tributes to Janie Watkins who is due to leave Global Sno

Postby Monique

I can only say THANK YOU Janie, thank you for your fabulous work at GSC, for the wealth of information you provided, for your dedication to the sport we love.
And also GOOD LUCK in your new work, with Paul Mount. All the best! May you get many satisfactions out of it.